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  • I’m playing with 🐞 Ladybird browser this evening. It’s a very ambitious project that’s building a new independent browser engine. Respect. It has seen some real improvements since I looked at it a year ago. ladybird.dev/ Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • @rachelandrew Any chance of getting RSS feeds for web.dev blogs and series? Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • I struggle to process it whenever I see Kevin Sorbo’s face in the news or social media associated with whatever the latest incredibly dumb thing he has said. To me, he was the last guardian of The Systems Commonwealth; a hero from another time. He was supposed to rekindle the light of civilization and reunite the galaxy…. Captain Dylan Hunt would have punched Kevin Sorbo’s face into a black hole. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • When did you last see a Wi-Fi network named _optout or _nomap? You can append either of these to your SSID to tell companies not to use your WiFi signal for geolocation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one out in the world. Not sure why anyone but a military base would want this, though. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • Putting aside the question of whether all content everywhere should be a free-for-all for machine-learning, … is @Mojeek’s opt-out proposal workable?<meta name=robots value=noml> blog.mojeek.com/2023/10/noml-pOkay, so you can’t put aside the fundamental question: Why should creators have to put in extra effort not to have their work exploited without their permission? Big tech should be required to license content for commercial exploitation like everyone else. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • One of my least favorite things about is having to remember to open external posts on their original site to see the replies. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

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